Synopsis of command-line options:

java --start-threads=n --thread-inc=n --loops=n --rounds=n --timeout=n script


is the name of the file containing the configuration script.


Gives the number of concurrent threads that should be started initialy. The defualt is one thread.


Specifies how many additional threads should be added in each round (when --rounds specifies there should be more than one). The default is one thread per round.


Specifies that the given script should be executed n times by every thread, every round. The default is to only execute the script once.


Specifies that n rounds should be run. Running several rounds lets you see how the server performs when the number of cocurrent users increases. The default is one round -- only use the initial number of threads.


Attempts to connect to the server should fail after n seconds. The default behaviour is to wait forever for the server to respond.

All parameters apart from script are optional. Therefore, if only script is specified, one thread will execute the file once and then the program will exit; as there is only one round.